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Hand Crocheted Vest

Our hand made crocheted vests are designed and made here in Cork, Ireland by our team of highly experienced craftswomen.

Each vest is made specifically for your measurements, it is a bespoke piece and will require two fitting appointments.

From drafting your bespoke pattern, to making your toile ( a test sample in similar weighted fabric ) to fitting it, to readjusting your pattern and toile, to then creating the real vest, takes approximately 40-60 hours.

It is a process of skill and craftsmanship.

The crocheted vests are a truly unique piece and a collectors item for the real fashion lover. 

This vest is mainly lemon and grey with a 'Crew neck' finish.

In this collection we wanted to design a piece that brings the traditional craft skills of Ireland into a contemporary forum, through design and the colour ways chosen. 

To reiterate, the vests are exclusive and made for your measurements, meaning that they are bespoke and you will need to be able to attend in person fittings for this piece, a maximum of two will be required.

Alternatively, we can post the existing samples to you and have a video consultation. If we are able to travel to you from our studio in Cork, we most certainly will oblige.

For the neck line finish, you will have a choice of a 'long V neck' a 'short V neck' or a 'Crew neck' finish as per all three vest designs as seen here and this will be decided at the fittings stage. We can also make adjustments to the colour ways of each vest using the colour palette from this collection. 

Your choice matters, by investing in a piece like this you are joining a movement to support local craft skills, design and talent in Cork, Ireland. 

Please email our Head of Design, Angela O'Donnell to make an appointment to try on our hand crocheted vests.

There is no cost involved in making an appointment or to receive the samples via post or to return them and no obligation to purchase. 

So, if you are a fashion lover and collector of unique pieces, this is for you. 


Each vest retails at 675.00 euro including tax and also includes the cost and time allocated for, drafting your patterns, constructing your toiles, the fitting appointments, all materials and making the vest itself.

This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

If you decide to go ahead with your order after trying on the vest, 50% is paid upfront and the balance on delivery. We are also able to offer a 3 part payment for this piece if desired. Shipping is free.