is dedicated to leaving a positive impact on our environment, help you lead a sustainable lifestyle and look good doing it. 

We are committed to only developing products that are made from 100% recycled materials or of an organic origin. We hope you like our capsule collection.

  • Circular Design Project - Recycle wool

    We have created a truly circular product in the development of our 100% Recycled Woollen Throws.

    The production of each throw uses 1,640 metres of wool, that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. 

    Our goal for 2024 is to prevent 1,000,000 metres off wool from being wasted and redevelop that wool into our stunning Recycled Woollen throws.

    This is a truly sustainable circular piece.

    By purchasing one of our Throws you are helping to prevent 1000s of metres of wool from entering our landfills and damaging our environment.

    We hope you will join us in taking a big step towards creating a sustainable future.

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  • Tree Project - Plant a Tree

    We started this journey because we wanted to create a positive impact on our environment, both at home in Ireland and abroad.

    As an Irish clothing brand we wanted to ensure that we are making a positive impact on our environment
    here in Ireland.
    In 2021, half of the Killarney National Park in Kerry was sadly burnt.

    We are partnering with ReforestNation, an Irish company with a goal to plant 10,000 trees in the South Kerry area and restore the native forest.

    When you purchase one of our products we will plant one tree in the South Kerry area. We aim to contribute over 2,000 trees to this project in 2024/25.

    We hope you will help us achieve this goal!

    Plant a Tree 
  • Sustainable organic cotton growing in a field

    Organic cotton

    The organic cotton we use is a heavy weight textile, durable, soft and ethically produced.

    Organic cotton is 80% rainfed and eases the pressure on our water systems.

    Up to 200,000 farmers die each year from farming traditional
    cotton, by investing in organic cotton we hope to reduce this.

    We make sustainably produced organic cotton sweatshirts, as
    well as organic cotton beanie hats.

    Designed in Ireland, YAWUW is bridging the gap between style
    and ethics when it comes to fashion.

    We make guilt free clothing and accessories for people who want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. YAWUW is an Irish sustainable brand you can trust.  

  • Recycled wool

    YAWUW is an ethical clothing and accessory brand committed to designing sustainable fashion. As well as sourcing organic cotton and recycled polyester we also source recycled wool.

    We break down existing woollen clothing and reuse it to make our throws.

    Our wool throws contain 1,620 metres of recycled woollen yarn.

    We believe that if there is an opportunity to reuse existing clothing products, in order to create new recycled products, that we should take it.

    It is estimated that over 85% of clothing ends up in landfills each year, which is non-recyclable.

    Reusing what already exists is also a method to more sustainable living.

    Each throw is completely unique because of the mix of woollen clothing and the fact that it is only used once each production run. Our Irish designed woollen throws make a beautiful sustainable gift idea.

  • Plastic bottles can be reused to make recycled polyester clothing

    Recycled polyester

    We are using recycled polyester in our organic cotton sweatshirts, sustainable beanie
    hats and tote bags, why?

    There is an estimate of 150 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans, at this pace, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

    There is excess damage done by creating and using virgin polyester. At YAWUW we want to create sustainable fashion and we think that if you can tackle two problems at once, this is the best solution!

    We don't just remove ocean plastic waste but reuse it and create new textiles from it for our clothing.

    These textiles are highly durable and tested. We use recycled polyester in our sustainable beanie hats, organic cotton sweatshirts and recycled cotton tote bags, helping you make guilt free clothing choices and support an Irish sustainable brand in the process.

    We aim to remove 10,000 plastic bottles in 2022, we hope you join us in this challenge!

  • Biodegradable mailer

    When you receive your purchase this is what you will see first.

    When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, biodegradable materials break down to natural elements that are found in nature.

    This is why we choose this for delivering your purchase.

    It is waterproof, tear proof and reusable and Made in Europe.

    A very sustainable choice!

  • Presentation Box

    We choose to deliver the products in this beautiful Box. The box is made from recycled & recyclable material.  In line with keeping our green 100% sustainable ethos in everything we do.

    It is biodegradable, FSC certified, plastic free and Made in Europe.

  • Biodegradable wrapping paper

    Your purchase will be wrapped in this Eco Friendly biodegradable wrapping paper and secured with Eco Friendly ribbon which is also compostable and biodegradable.

    Water-based inks are used for these products making them safe for environment.

    Supporting a local Irish Supplier.