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Founded in 2021 by award winning Irish Designer Angela O'Donnell. 

She had recently become a parent and kept thinking, ‘What will the world look like when my daughter grows up?’

The climate crisis will be one of the biggest issues of the next generation and the fashion industry is one of the worst culprits.

"As a designer, I knew that I could create collections that could leave a positive impact on our environment.

Myself and the team are committed to only designing and developing clothing and accessory products that are only made from recycled ocean plastic waste, recycled wool or organic textiles and are 100% ethically produced.

I started YAWUW, because I wanted to be able to say to my daughter that I tried. That I did something that was part of a movement to end fast fashion and live a sustainable lifestyle. 

Industry knew me for high end luxury collections, I have brought this level of detailing to YAWUW, merging luxury ready-to-wear pieces with high tech performance and casual activewear. 

We are dedicated to leaving a positive impact on our environment, help you lead a sustainable lifestyle and still look good doing it!

Join us on our mission, be part of the story."

- Angela O’Donnell, Founder.