The fashion industry is a major culprit on the environment and we all know it.

We are dedicated to helping you create a positive impact on our environment and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

We aim to achieve this by focusing on 2 key areas:

Developing and only using sustainable textiles and having strong environmental targets.

1. Textiles:

We will never present a product to you that is not made from 100% recycled materials or of an organic origin.

Our current products are made from Organic Cotton, recycled polyester and recycled wool, but what does this mean for you and the environment!?

Organic Cotton:

By buying an organic cotton product you are helping save the lives of 200,000 cotton farmers who die each year from the pseticides they use in farming cotton.

You are buying a garment that uses approximately 50% less water

You are saving the Bla bla facts etc.

Recycled polyester:

Recycled polyester is a textile that is made from plastic bottles retrieved from the ocean. Approximately 3 bottles are used in our sweatshirts.

What are the benefits - you are actively contributing to cleaning up our oceans and helping to revive broken ecosystems

By buying products made from this textile instead of virgin polyester you are saving etc...

Recycled wool - what are the benefits = you are stopping 1,620metres of woollen yarn from ending up in a landfill where it will take years to break down, effectively you are part of a loop system, reusing current existing clothing and breaking it down to be reused again.

2. Environmental goals:

If you choose to purchase one of our products, we are committed to planting one tree in Ireland for every single purchase.

We have partnered with Reforest Nation. An Irish company with a big goal of planting 1million trees by 2024.

This will help off set the carbon used in our production process.

Furthermore, your estimated carbon footprint for an average EU citizen per year is X, we would like to help you off set your carbon for the whole year and at the till have made the option of buying extra trees available to you.

For as little as 3.00 euro per tree, you could offset your yearly carbon and ensure trees where being planted on Irish soil.

Right now we are using recycled ocean plastic waste in our textiles. This means that we remove plastic waste from our oceans, create new textiles from it and use this for our clothing.

But we want to go a step further, next year in Q4 2022, we aim to partner with Plastic Bank which is an organisation that prevents plastic from entering our oceans.

Thus tackling the problem from both sides.

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